About – Firangi Halwai


Baking came to her as magic tricks; adding raw elements together, to creat a delicious product with a smell so divine. The reflection of passion in her could be seen by the way she decorated her dishes and how baking took all of her time during school breaks in her younger days.

She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from J.J school of arts and carried along in the career of interior designing. While her mind guided her to a path of designing and creative acts, but her heart knew the destination. A saturation in the interior designing field was only seen as an opportunity by her to finally build a career in her passion.

Many difficulties come on the way of building your dream and hers’ was no different. She started with the first brick in her own house, her son being her first customer in the journey. From tiffin boxes to birthday cakes; everyday became a new learning playground.

To sharpen the skill in hand she enrolled into D.Y Patil institute of hospitality & hotel management. Where she met Rakhee V. from Palate Culinary Academy, who became her guiding angel and enrolled her for BBIC. While she also worked with Priyanka Arora Nayak, a know name in the industry. A successful baker today who learnt from the best.

With a thought “Your passion only adds more magic to the dish” she decided to move from the 1BHK bakery to a bigger space. Hunting into the lanes of Panvel, she found her paradise

In this journey, her constant support was her partner; husband; mentor- Dheeraj Kapoor. A Punjabi man, with a dream of owning a chole-bhature stall like any other Punjabi. Dheeraj Kapoor embarked his journey when he took a train from Delhi to Mumbai, to make it big in the Bollywood industry. He worked in various production teams but soon got bored of the fake faces of the industry. He left the industry at his peak. Often one comes across a time in life when you are aimless and lost, but the passion to do something burns from within. They crossed paths in a mediation class and since then they have stood alongside in every difficulty.

Combining their passion and love, I was born- Firangi Halwai. I am home for freshly baked breads to beautifully customised cakes. I take up a small space in the alleys of Panvel and soon the aroma of fresh baked products reached the corners of the city. With quality and health being my number one priority, I stood by my standards and brand image all the while. A small cosy café with everything prepared for what a customer would expect. Armed with a plethora of knowledge, we added pastas for beginners, moved onto to adding burgers and Freak shakes, different from the mainstream ideas. 

In the mist of different flavours and recipes we managed to maintain the simplest delicacies on our menu that ranged from mojitos and lemonades to walnut and Nutella brownies.

In this long and tireless journey we have expanded our recipes along with our family; a family so supportive, huge and food-crazy that it will be impossible to not get wilder!

Buon Appetito!